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How to install the conveyor belt

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How to install the conveyor belt

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        Put on the belt take-up core rotating flexible shaft, and with a good roll cage, front pay attention to the shelves, do not stand plastic cover in the direction reversed. Shelves in the workplace should not be able to open the conveyor guide roll, and

        Fold the conveyor belt has a sufficiently large radius of curvature to prevent damage to the conveyor belt, folding

        It had prohibited place heavy objects on the conveyor belt.

        If you are replacing the conveyor belt may be a new band with the old band together, unloading and installation of a new conveyor belt at the same time.

        For horizontal operation of the conveyor can be cut at any point in the old conveyor, inclined conveyor running direction, we need to choose the right cutting point, to prevent falling out of control caused by its own weight.

        After the conveyor belt of the new location will put positive, with the clamp fixed end of the tape, and then connected with the bypass roller and rope pulleys, the conveyor belt by pulling means balanced frame onto a conveyor,

        Traction, to prevent the conveyor belt with holster pressed against each other.

        The jig is fixed on one end of the belt conveyor frame, and the other end through the other end of the tensioning pulley until the belt on the return idlers no sagging.

        The tensioning device is fixed from the start 100-150mm.

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