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Rubber power across the world

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Rubber power across the world

Release date:2015-05-13 00:00 source: Views:

        China Rubber Industry 100 years, experienced a warlord civil war era artillery swirling foreign invasion era, when the founding of New China undone, a poverty-stricken entrepreneurial era of reform and opening up to the rubber industrial development of the country's. Today, this century-old national industry, has now entered a new stage of the world rubber industry power development.

        At present, the total economic output of rubber industry (including varieties, output, output value, sales and consumption of rubber, etc.) in the world, and account for a large proportion. The rate of radial tire reached 90%, the green tire industrialization started. High strength conveyor belt, V-belt cord proportion of steel wire wrapped around a substantial increase in high-pressure hose series proportion. Automotive rubber products to improve the quality and increase variety. In addition, the natural rubber industry has made significant progress in overseas development, the production of synthetic rubber technology development capabilities continue to increase. Rubber Machinery and industrial products synchronous development, international competitiveness and concentration of enterprises greatly improved, changed the international rubber machinery production and market structure.

        However, the Chinese rubber industry is still a "big" instead of "strong." Not "strong" main problems: low levels of rubber industry modernization, capacity for independent innovation is weak, international competitiveness is not strong, economic operation quality is not high, and the world rubber industry powers the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries than , the gap is still large.

        High productivity is today the rubber industrial powers "strong" comprehensive reflection. Nokian Tyres to $ 508,000 in sales per capita ranks first in labor productivity, the second in Sumitomo tires per capita sales of $ 378,000, third place Toyo tire sales of $ 373,000 per capita. It is estimated that China's current per capita rubber industry sales of 96.6 million for the 1/3 ~ 1/2 of the world's advanced level.

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